So for the last classmate interview, I interviewed Randa Jaber!

It is her second year here at Cal State Long Beach and she is majoring in Civil Engineering. I had no idea what that is, so I asked her and she kindly explained it to me. She wants to do transportation engineering, which is a field of engineering where they deal with the structure of roads and bridges anything that has to do with transportation. It was interesting because O have never heard of that until I met her and I love when that happens! I feel like I learn something new every time I talk to my classmates!

She is from Downy. Her family is originally from Lebanon so she visits a lot and she is going this summer too! How exciting! I wish my relatives were living in a different country and I could visit them every summer or winter when school is off! She told me that whenever she goes to Lebanon, she has to fly for9 hours to London and then another 4 hours to get to Lebanon. She does not like long flights and I definitely feel the same because it is a ten hour flight from California to Japan and I get tired of long flights as well.

We also talked about finals because it already this week! I cannot believe how fast this semester went by! She has two hard finals but other than that she thinks everything is going to be okay. I hope everything goes well!

Rand likes watching movies but she doesn’t have a specific favorite movie. She watches whatever that is playing in the theatre and she does not have a specific genre she prefers. She told me that she picks movies depending on the mood she is in.

I had a good time talking with her and I glad that she was the last classmate I interviewed in this class!


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