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This week, at the art galleries, I had a great time interviewing Elia Murray. Murray is a illustration major and her pieces seemed to have a cartoonish touch mixed with illustrations that could be one of the Disney movies. She told us that it would be her dream to work for Disney or Cartoon Network.

She was strongly influenced by her own parents who were also artists. Murray not only draws, but she also writes poems and short stories as well. She also told us that when she was applying for college, she was going to do English major but her parents didn’t not allow her to major in anything but art. I found that interesting because if her parents didn’t almost force her to become an art major, her pieces that we are seeing right now might not even exist. Isn’t it an interesting thing to think of?

Murray always likes drawing but she did not start doing it seriously until she was in high school. Her works have a soft, calm and gentle aura and it is because Murray uses water color for her paintings.

I loved seeing her drawing because it gave me a feeling that took me back to my childhood memories. I really enjoyed talking to her and I an glad she was the last artist to have a conversation with in this class.



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