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This week I had the pleasure to meet Nallely! I was trying to get something out from my backpack and she came up to me! She was easy to talk to and I had a wonderful time!

Nallely is a sophomore at Cal State Long Beach and she is currently double majoring in child development and family life education. I was impressed because even majoring in one major is hard enough for me to do but she does two at a time!

Also, she dorms at Beachside which is where I dorm as well and it was interesting because even though we dorm at the same place, I have never seen her! She is from a town where is about 2 hours away from Long Beach and she tries to go home every other week because she is the oldest of all her siblings. She has three siblings that are 18, 12 and 9. She is currently 19, but she is going to turn 20 next week! Happy Birthday, Nallely!

She is taking four classes this semester and they are pretty easy so she said her finals are properly going to be okay and she is going to pass her classes.

We also talked about our favorite tv shows and movies and she just finished “Pretty Little Liars” and doesn’t have a favorite film but she like comedy ones. I love asking this question even though because you can pretty much guess their personality based on what they like and this is interesting because I am a film major. (but this is a very hard question if somebody asked me)

Overall, I had a nice time talking with Nallely, and  I’m kind of getting sad that next week is the last week we are going to have conversations….


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