So for this week, I decided to do Jasmine Barnum’s Text message Poetry.

I followed the directions on her website.

1. Get your mobile device!

2. Open up to your text messages.

3. Look through your messages of the last ten people you have messaged.

4. Write down the third word of the last text you sent to that person.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all of the ten people from your text messages.

6. Make a poem from all the words you wrote down.

7. Read your poem aloud!


At first, I thought it was the easiest thing to do because it was just ten words and they are from my text messages.

But once I started thinking about it, it took me longer than I expected.

The ten words were  you / something / on / here / think / it / is / guys / super / cool

Here is what I got:

You guys think it is super cool here on something

I know this doesn’t make sense but this was the best I could do.

The reason I picked Jasmine’s activity is because I could do it without having anything special.

It is easy in a way everyone can try as long as they have time. (You might not even need time either!)

Suggesting an activity for other classmates to do is hard but it is important to consider what they have and what they don’t have. This activity was perfect because everyone has a cellphone. Even if they don’t, they can do it by their e-mail.

By doing this activity, I thought I should have considered other classmates when doing my algorithmic art instead of doing something just because I had the materials available.




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