So this week, I met Jacky Marez.

She is from Compton, which is about a 30 minute-drive from here. And she commutes from there. Jacky lives with her parents and her two siblings, one younger sister and one older brother, who are 18 and 24. She told me an interesting story that in her culture, they don’t move out from their parents house until they have enough money and they are ready to live on their own. They also live with their parents when they get old and take care of them. It was interesting because my culture does the same thing too. My older brother moved out just because he got a job far from where my house is, but if he didn’t, he wouldn’t have moved out yet.

She is a junior at Cal State Long Beach and just switched her major from biology to health science. At first, I didn’t know what they do so I asked her what she wants to do with her major. She told me that she is interested in genetic counseling. I still didn’t get it, so she explained it to me. For example, her clients would be people like couples that want to have a baby. Her job would be to explain the risks of having a baby according to her genetic problems and try to find a solution for them. I didn’t know about this job until she told me about it and now I am really curious and excited for her future!

We were talking for a while and the topic turned into studying abroad. She really wants to go to Korea and Japan but she doesn’t think studying abroad is a good idea for her and her major. She told me about her friend that studied in Korea just for the summer and I think that would be good for her because then she doesn’t have to worry about her credits and just focus on her studying during the summer. We talked about FOOD a lot. One time she tried Japanese curry and she thought it was sweet compared to Mexican food her mom makes but then we found out that that was because they didn’t have options at the restaurant. (Curry is usually spicy in Japan!) She told me that she wants to try actual Japanese food so she wants to do a food tour in Japan and I think that’s a great idea because I think Japanese food is the best. She also recommended a Mexican dish called ceviche because I told her fish dishes are my favorite kind of food and I even thought about being a Pescetarian. Jacky once tried giving up pork, but she said it was too hard because she lives with her parents and her mom cooks for her. It would be hard for me to give up something when I go back to living with my parents as well.

I had a really good time talking with her and she had so many thing to talk about!



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