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This week, I had the pleasure to visit Ashley Sharpe’s BFA exhibition.

When I saw her work, I was curious what made her want to make art with cats in it. Obviously, cats are adorable and cute but I wanted to know what her thoughts were when she decided to pick cats as a subject to make art with.

Sharpe mentioned that when she moved to Long Beach, she had a type of anxiety because she didn’t have any friends and didn’t know anything. So the cats that her roommate had were her only friends. They made her calm and relax.

The process of printmaking is hard and complicated but Sharpe enjoys it even though it took her three to four weeks to make her pieces.

She went to a conservative high school, so her teachers were really strict about what their students do. Sharpe told us a story that she was just doodling in class but her teachers scolded her for doing that. She always liked doing art and that was the reason she transferred to Long Beach State, she said she just knew she was going to like this school.

I was curious how she got into digital art because some of her pieces were digitally edited. Sharpe said that she took a ap photography class in high school and that was the reason she got into digital art.

Overall, I had a great time seeing her art because I am a cat lover as much as she is!

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