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So for this week, I decided to do some arts and crafts. Dreamcatchers are one of my favorite things. They’re so pretty and they have some magical power that makes me calm and relaxed. Therefore, I decided to make my own dreamcatcher for the first time in my whole life! Since Im a beginner, I made a simple one but if you want to, there are more complicated and fancier dreamcatchers and they’re worth trying! So this is how I made it.

Step 1: Get some yarn,a metal string and a glue gun. (Maybe some beads and feathers)

Step 2: Put the metal string into a circle and that would be the outside ring of your dreamcatcher.

Step3: Use a glue gun to stick the ends of the metal string together.

Step4: Wrap yarn around the ring until the metal won’t show.

Step5: Tie a knot on one side of the ring and then randomly start crossing the yarn around the ring to make the inside part.

Step6: Make little strings it hang under the ring.

And you’re done!

This sounds really simple and easy but it took me nearly two hours to make this simple one without beads or any fancy decorations. But its worth a try!


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