Most favorite

#1: Week 10 Student Choice

I picked this as my No.1 favorite because I simply enjoyed it. I did my favorite thing, typography for credit! How awesome could that be? At the same time, this activity gave me some time to this what art is.

#2: Week 3 Social Photography

As an “instagrammer”, this was an interesting assignment to do. In a huge lecture class like ART110, you never get to know all the students in your class and especially get to know what they post on social media. It was interesting how many people posted pictures of their coffee and our campus.

#3: Week 11 Sculpture

To be honest, I didn’t not want to go to the beach to do this project. I usually do enjoy going to the beach for a short walk with my friends but being under the sun at the beach somehow tires me. But I ended up really liking this project because once I started doing it, it was just fun. I loved how my sculpture looked too!

Least Favorite

#1: Week 8 Remix Culture

This assignment would have been fun if I was the type of person that enjoyed mixing up songs and doing those electronic stuff but unfortunately I wasn’t, so I decided to chose this as my least favorite.

#2: Week 2 Painting & Drawing

This was because my graffiti didn’t turn out good. Using spray paint was harder than I had expected and I’m a little bit of a “perfectionist” so when my painting didn’t turn out good and there was no way to fix it, it got really frustrating.

#3: Week 12 Algorithmic Art

For this weeks assignment, I did not enjoy it. Here again, if I was a person who could do mash up and those things, this would have been the project that I loved.

At last, A. I think the Tuesdays class was good because we could understand what the activities are. B. I enjoyed most of the activities, but sometimes it was just too much for a foreign international student that does not have a car. Even though EVERYONE has a car, there are people that don’t. So that was a hard part for me to go out and that was almost the only way to do our projects.


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