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So this week, I had a wonderful time getting to know Jacob! He is 23 and a bio-major. I asked him about how hard studying is for bio-majors because my roommates are both bio-majors and they are studying really hard and it seems really tough. He said that they have a lot of studying to do so he’s studying all the time. I usually like asking what my classmates do in their free time, but he didn’t seems to have free time because of all the studying and working he does. But I asked anyways! He said he plays video games on his X-BOX 1 and he enjoys the game named “Destiny”. (He even recommended me to get it for my older brother!) He wants to become a dentist and he is going to take the DAC test in the summer, which is going to be really hard so he is studying as much as he can to pass the test. It is his fourth year at Cal State Long Beach and he is going to go to dental school after he graduates for another four years of studying. He said he would rather be in school studying rather than going out working.

He is from Fresno and he is engaged to his best friend of four years and girlfriend for a year. He lives close to campus with her. He seemed really happy and I think that it is so sweet that he got engaged to the girl he really likes! I wish the best of both Jacob and his girlfriend!!

I really enjoyed talking to Jacob and if you haven’t met him yet you definitely should go talk to him when you see him in class!


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