This week, I had the pleasure to interview Gabriel Garcia.

His works are made with charcoal and paper. He uses graphite on top pf the charcoal.

When we asked what message he wants the viewers to get, he said that he does not have a specific viewpoint that he want the viewers to have, he wants the viewers themselves to think about the pieces.

He told us an interesting story that happened in the gallery this week. He said that one group of people came in to his exhibition and looked around his works and left. While they were walking away, he heard one of the people saying “I failed in life.” The other person asked him why he thinks so, and he answered “Because I’m gay.”

He saw this piece and thought that he failed in life because he was gay.

FullSizeRender 33

Garcia mentioned that the words and phrases that are drawn in his art pieces are not his strong opinion but the stereotypes of masculine thoughts.

Garcia is from Texas and moved to California a couple years ago. He said that the first thing he noticed when he came to California was the diversity of race. This does not mean he is racist but he kept noticing how all the different race of people dress like, how they talk like, and how different they look like. According to Garcia, he thought that it was interesting because the people in California don’t really pay attention to the diversity of race. They are too used to being the “melting pot”.

This was interesting because I thought the same thing too. When I came to California 9 months ago, I noticed the diversity of all the races. Japan is a country that you hardly see foreign people so for Japanese people it is a rare occasion to get to know someone else that is not Japanese in Japan. We are not used to being mixed with other people from other races and countries. But in California, it is so normal that no one ever notices. I wish Japan was like California.

FullSizeRender 34


FullSizeRender 32



Overall, his artworks were simple looking but had a strong message and getting to know Garcia himself was a great opportunity to really understand his work. I had a great time.




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