This week, I had the pleasure to go visit Dawn Ertl’s exhibition. I was interested in her work since she came to class and talked about her art. When I stepped into the gallery, there was a large piece made of wool and plastic bags hanging from the ceiling. I was curious how she put the art piece up and whether the piece is originally designed where to tie the top and the sides. Dawn answered she put everything up by herself and the tops and sides depend on the architecture the exhibition is held.

The unique and interesting point of her work was the piece that was made of wool and plastic bags weaved together. Dawn said that it took a whole year to complete the pieces that were shown in the exhibition. I was interested when she said that she is making something with something thats meant to be disposed. This made me think of the whole consuming society. Every single thing is made differently. They used to be made to last forever but from some point, thing began to be used to be disposed later like plastic bags, which she used in her piece.

Overall, I enjoyed Ertl’s exhibition and it would definitely be one of my favorite exhibitions throughout the semester.








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