IMG_5953So this week was Students Choice, which I enjoyed very much because I love drawing especially typography. I used to do graphic design and participated in a magazine publishing activity before, so I LOVE typography. I took a typography class last semester at CSULB and I really enjoyed it, and I became to love typography more than I did before.

So for this weeks activity, I decided to follow my interest and pick typography as my field of art. I picked the word “ART” and drew it in four different fonts, American Typewriter, Times New Roman, Arial and Phosphate. Times New Roman is the basic serif typeface and Ariel is the basic san serif typeface, so I picked those two to make it easier to compare the other two typefaces in visual.

You can see fonts all over the world. Typography is so interesting to me because it becomes more interesting if you know a lot of typefaces. Even if you are just walking down the street, you find a lot of typefaces on signs and other stuff. I think learning typefaces made my boring daily life more interesting.

Overall, this weeks activity was a very exciting topic to think about and I enjoyed it.



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