So this week, I met Amber Luna. (isn’t that such a beautiful name? ) She is a junior and a criminal justice major. She want to be a probation officer with her major. I have only seen probation officers in TV shows but I think it is really impressing that she wants to become one.

Amber is from Downy and she lives with her parents and two brothers who are 10 and 18. She is planning of moving out in a couple years but she is still trying to save up the money that she will need for moving out and living on her own.

She is working at the front desk of an office and she usually takes the closing shifts. So when she doesn’t have work, she usually spends time with her family and friends because she doesn’t have time for them when she has work.

At last, I asked if she liked this class and she said yes! She likes it because get to explore art and theres something new for her every week! I totally agree with her.

I really enjoyed talking to her this week, I hope I see her around and I get to know her more!




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