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cognitive map
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I think the campus of CSULB is already pretty cool with all the construction that was done during winter break (the LA1 and LA2 buildings: I love them!), I have a little bit of ideas for the new campus. So was I did was take out the stairs that we need to get down to the lower campus. If not, change the stairs to regular stairs. Those stairs are probably half the height of regular stairs, it is really weird stepping on every single step, but it is too much to skip steps. The other thing that I think that needs to be fixed is the pass walks in the grass place in front of the FA buildings. I always feel bad to step on the grass and walk across the grass, so I take the sidewalks instead, even if it take more time than it needs. I wish we had sidewalks that leads to every single building.

For my cognitive map, I drew the campus as much as possible from my memories. Before I started drawing, I was pretty confident that I can draw the campus pretty well but I ended up not even drawing half of the campus. Since most of my classes are on the upper campus by the library, it was easy for me to draw that part, but when I got to the lower campus, the only thing I knew was the Brotman hall. It was interesting how it turned out.

For the building, I picked the library. My university back in Japan has a cool library but I find the library of Cal State Long Beach more comfortable for me.


Can you believe that the library used to look like this? This is like a classroom that we have now. Learning about the history that the building has makes me appreciate how the building is now with all the history living with it.


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