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This week, I met Valeria. She is a sophomore and a business major at Cal State Long Beach. I have a couple friends that are business majors, but the biggest difference between them and Valeria is that Valeria loves math and she is actually really good at it! I am so jealous of people who are good at math, I wish I was!

Her favorite color is brown, which I thought was pretty unusual for a favorite color because usually the color that people say are blue, red, pink…..those colors. But I think brown is a pretty color!

She was born and raised in Long Beach. What surprised me the most in the conversation with Valeria was that she is married!!!!!!! I didn’t even think that she was married but when I asked about where she lives, she answered that she lives with her husband and his family. I don’t have a friend that is married yet, so that was a surprise. And a couple minutes later, I got to meet her husband too! They’ve been together for four years since high school. How sweet is that…!

Valeria enjoys doing make up in her free time, which is what I like doing in my free time as well. We had a lot in common, like coffee and coffee and coffee so I had a lot of fun talking to her!



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