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This week’s galleries inspired me as always! I stepped into Michael Rollins’s exhibition. There was this sign “New Digs” on the wall, and the wall was right in the middle, so we could not see the inside. This formation of the galleries reminded me of the exhibitions at the museums. This always makes me excited…!

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His works were amazing. Once I stepped into the room I was fascinated. To be honest, I always have a hard time understanding abstract painting. I am the person that likes straight-foward things. However, I loved Rollin’s paintings! I loved how the paintings were composed of warm colors and cold colors. I was impressed by the layers of the colors of the painting! After seeing all the paintings I listening to him talking about his paintings. He said that he doesn’t use any black in his painting. He uses light gray in the layers but he “never” uses black in it. Black is too strong to be one of the layers. This was really interesting. If you look close at the paintings you can see the lines crossing the other lines. It was really cool!



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