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This week, I was wandering around the galleries and I walked into one of the galleries because it was full with people! The moment I stepped into the room, I saw a entire long table with colorful and fresh vegetables and fruits. It was BEAUTIFUL. As a person that loves vegetables and fruits so much it was like HEAVEN.

Anyways, I tried a cup of his juice and it was really good! Sadly, I missed the part where he put in the ingredients but it was also kind of fun guessing what he put in the juice. Me and my friend guessed strawberries and carrots but it was too hard to guess further……

The set up of the gallery was interesting and it was different from how the galleries are usually set up. There were couches and a lot of place for people to stand and walk around. It felt like it was more “hom-ey” than it usually is. Brian said that the objects on the wall were used at CSULB in the 70s’ and he uses it to make the environment of the room to be more comfortable. That is so cool!

This set up of the room make me think about the environment of the space. There a lot of people in the gallery, it felt like all the students in ART 110 was in there! But why does this happen? There are three other galleries in the SOA courtyard. I thought it was because this gallery was set up like home and had the openly welcomed environment. Sometimes I found some of the galleries hard to go in. It is small and dark, it even seems like visitors are not welcomed. Galleries should be a place that people feel easy to step in, and walk around, look around. This was a interesting week and treasure for my eyes!

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