FullSizeRender 20So this week’s assignment was to make a self-portrait, but with myself “dead”. I have seen Kaoru Izima’s photos back in Japan and I still clearly remember his images even though it was a long time ago. It was hard to imagine how I would die because you know, “Life is a mystery”. So I decided to do an image with the way I would never die. By overdosing pills and taking my life away. This might be the easiest way to kill yourself compared to jumping off a tall building or getting hit by a car. This was also inspired by the oscar winning screen writer of “Imitation Game”, Graham Moore. I will write what he said just in case you didn’t listen to it. Moore said that he tried to kill himself when he was 16 because he felt weird and he does not belong anywhere. I had a friend that had the same concern and tried to take his life away. He fortunately failed during the process and now he regrets what he tried to do. Taking away your life should never be right, so I wanted to say that this is the way I would NEVER do.



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