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So this week I had the pleasure of meeting Katie Leyba. She is a sophomore at Cal State Long Beach and majoring in electric engineering! (How cool is that?!) I had so much fun talking with her beaches we had so much things to talk about! Katie is from Downey, California where she commutes from. And what makes her more interesting is that she has a twin brother!!! She told me that they don’t look alike at all, but I still think having a twin brother is so cool! She asked me about my hobby, and I answered that it is to find new coffeeshops, which happened to be her hobby too! We talked so much about coffee, unfortunately caffeine kick in so bad for her so even if she just had a cup of coffee in the morning it would still keep her awake at night. (Caffeine never works for me so I drink coffee at 12PM but still fall asleep in 10 minutes) So she also drinks tee too!

I had so much fun talking with her and it would be cool if we could go get coffee together some time! 😃


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