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This week’s galleries were exciting for me! The reason why I was so excited is because I love photography and printmaking! I couldn’t choose which one to write about but I chose printmaking at last.

FullSizeRender 17The artiest I interviewed was Clare Samani, and this is her piece from the exhibition. This one used the lithograph method, which is the way of printing that uses stones (limestones). She said that it takes her 6-8 hours drawing on the limestone and another couple hours to carve the patterns or design into the stone.

She also told us that there are some artists that go with the design that pops into their mind but she is not one of them. Whenever she does her prints she always start with a design or an idea in her mind. I found that really interesting because I hear a lot of artists say they follow their guts with their art because thats when art is born. I figured out that maybe it will depend on the material they use.

She also explained the process of the other pieces by other artist for us. The one the I was interested the most was Silkscreening. I have tried it one in my high school art class but it was the only thing we did was to print our names in a tote bag so it was not difficult at all. But when it comes to these complex designs I was curious how they do it.

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The process was very interesting. They cut out with design with stencil and they print all the same colors at the same time, from the big parts to the small detail parts. Black is called the key color and they print it at the very end because it is such a strong color.

Unfortunately, I am a exchange student and this is my last semester at Cal State Long Beach, I don’t get to take the wonderful printmaking classes but I fell in love with it!

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