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This Thursday, I visited the FA2 building after class to take a look at the fiber art projects. They were really cool! The pieces that I expected from the word “kitting” was something “grandma-ish”, seeing all these exotic and colorful pieces was unexpected and awesome! Personally, I really liked the one on the very left. I think this can go with modern clothes like sundresses, as a collar! I’m pretty surest would be really cute!


So after seeing this, I thought about what I could do by myself. Since I live in the dorms, I don’t have yarn or knitting kits and I have tried when I was little, I sucked at it because I didn’t have the patience to do the tiny little details. It was too confusing. So I decided to cut my towel into a piece of string. And I wanted to wrap it around places that are “unusual”. Then I came up with the idea of doing it in the bathroom!

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So this is the string wrapped around the handle of the door of the shower. Since the string was made from a towel, it was too hard to knit or braid it, so I just wrapped it around the pole.

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And later then, I noticed that we ran out of toilet paper so I wrapped the spring instead!

I did not experience the actual “yarn bombing” because I didn’t have yarn and didn’t knit but I had fun thinking where and how I could do something close to yarn bombing like what the artist did in the subway in the video. Also when I thought about how the people in the subway responded to her yarn bombing, I think I also succeeded in making other people feel interested or surprised or happy because my roommates who saw what I did to our bathroom literally cracked up laughing! So this experience was interesting and fun.

When I compare this experience to my Graffiti painting experience, the only thing I could say is that they were both fun doing it. But the point is that both of my experiences were “allowed” to do them. It was not like I just decided to do it where I liked to do, it was where I was “allowed” to do it.

I guess bombing with paint, graffiti painting is more masculine and yarn bombing is more feminine. The paintings that people image in their minds when they hear the word, “graffiti painting” would be the large geometric letters. If were asked the same thing I would totally imagine a guy artist painting that image. Also when you imagine something that has to do with “yarn” would be a image with a woman in it. I do not want to think that our culture values everything men do more than women do because there are some things that value women more than men. For example, the art genre photography is a genre women are valued more than men. If a photographer wanted to take nude photos, the model would prefer female photographers to male photographers. However, it is still true that the society values men more than women because there is a fact that companies are likely to hire men 20% more than women even if they had exact same resumes. So I guess we can say the same thing in the art culture as well. But I strongly hope that this would change in the close future!


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