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So this week I met Magdalena Acevedo.

Magdalena, which she goes with Maggy, is a freshman at Cal State Long Beach and her major is undeclared. But she is thinking of majoring in something that has to do with math or engineering. She said that it sounds nerdy whenever she says that, but honestly I think that it’s very cool that she is good at math and she likes it because I suck at it. 😭

She is from Valley View, which is like a hour away from here so she dorms at Beachside. This was really exciting to know because I dorm there too! I told her I have never seen her at the dorms but later on I found out that she lives in a different building so we don’t have much chance to see each other. But it’s still exciting! We even talked about our RAs and our dorm life.

She played tennis, swimming and also water polo in high school. This was also interesting to know because my older brother was a water polo player for 7 years! And she is playing water polo at Cal State Long Beach in a club team. She has practice three times a week but she told me that its not as competitive than it is in the actual “athlete” water polo team.

She likes doing “artsy” stuff, especially drawing. She showed me one of her drawings that she had in her binder.

FullSizeRender 2

The middle one actually looks like Harry Styles from One Direction😂 She likes to draw different hair styles and eyes in specific.

I had so much fun talking to her!



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