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This week, I had an opportunity to visit Alanna Marcelletti’s gallery.

Her works were consisted of painting and sculpture. She likes the form of sculpture, painting and sowing. Her main ideas of her works are all about the “materials”, and she told us that she is still trying to figure out how to deal with all the different materials in other ways. Most of her works takes her about a month until she finishes it, but she works on multiple projects at the same time.

She said that she goes with the flow and follow her instincts in her mind, but also create something with schedule.

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So this is my favorite piece from her works in the gallery. This one is hanged in the corner of the room. She told us that she got this idea from a book for the frame, as you can tell that she is trying to make the piece look like the book is half-open. And she also said that she wanted to make each side have its own narrative and it facing each other with different two characters. This inspired me so much!


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I felt that her works had so much feelings running through it. Some parts of her work looks soft and mellow, but some of her other works have this really dark, negative feeling in it. The galleries inspired me this week again!



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