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So this week, I had the pleasure to visit Dianna Franco’s exhibition. What she spoke about her artworks were different from the story that other artists told us, because she described herself as a astronomy psych. After doing her interview, I went back in to her gallery and found it more interesting after listening to all the thoughts about her art.

She uses vivid colors in her work, which really amused me and geometric shapes. She told us that she thinks that architecture affects the society. I would totally agree to this. The reason why there are no cities in the whole world that look the same is because there are no buildings that are composed the same way. I have been interested in architecture since I was little, so her works were really interesting to me. She said that overtime she walks in the city, she thinks about buildings. This is actually the same thing I do! She also told us that she likes paying attention to negative space, which I found interesting. I have always thought that artists are special but she made me think that they are the same with us. Its not that they see more things than we can, but they find a way to express things that we don’t think its pretty or beautiful. I had a really good time listening to her!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


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