This week’s activity was pretty interesting for me! I have heard about this “art funding” system, but I haven’t really been interested or had the opportunity to participate in the activity before. So for this activity, I decided to choose my favorite two categories, art and fashion.

For fashion, I chose this video. I really loved it. This pitch video caught me, I was “aww”ing through out the whole movie. This video had a narrative story, which attracted me the most. This was a video that was even stylistic and cinematic. They made a clear point of collecting money and also made a cute little story to it.


I chose this video for the one that did not attract me as much as the mannequin one. This video was beautiful. All the locations were pretty and I thought it was a good short video. But the reason why I chose this video for the “bad” one is because I thought this is not “selling” what he wants to do and what he wants the money he collected for. Even if the video is creative and stylistic, that does not make the product standout.


From the art category, I chose this video for the video that I like. This was the video that I liked the most. I think this video made it easy for the viewers to image what they are funding for and I simply liked the project that they were working on.


And this is the video that I did not like. The artist was just talking to the camera frankly, but everything seemed unplanned. It was clear that he just set the camera and started talking about whatever that popped into his head. What I found interesting was that even though he is collecting over 500% of the fund he wanted, there is a fact that I wasn’t attracted to it.


Overall, I found that both of the pitch videos that I like were videos that the artists were just talking to the camera about his project. Also these videos were unclear about why they need the money and what they are going to use it for. I also thought that the artist just talking to the camera was boring and awkward.

If I would do a kickstarter for my project, I would not talk to the camera but show my art instead. Because I would be like why not show my ideas  instead of awkwardly looking into the camera and being nervous.

P.S. I don’t know why my embed is not working!


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