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This week I had the pleasure to meet Amy Chang.

She is currently a sophomore at Cal State Long Beach and majoring in Communications. She seemed like a really outgoing person so I totally understand her being a comm major, but she said that the only reason she chose comm was because she couldn’t think of anything to major in when she was in high school and her teacher said that she should just choose communication.

Amy was born in Korean and is full-Korean but she moved here when she was 5 and she didn’t have a chance to go back to Korea and visit her relatives. She told me that her Korean-speaking level is like a 4th grader but she can still have a conversation in Korean!

She is living with her mom close to Nutsberry Farm and it takes about 35 minutes with traffic to come to school, but on weekends when theres no traffic, its takes her only about 23 minutes.

The most surprising thing I got to know about her was that she hates cheese. (I love cheese!) She can deal with nacho cheese and the cheese on fries but not anything else.

I had a really fun time talking with her and knowing about Korea because Korea is one of the countries I really want to go!


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