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So this week, I had a chance to interview Amanda Bjornstad, who I really enjoyed talking to!

Amanda is a freshman at CSULB and is a bio/chem major. She told me that she likes chemistry but not bio that much. When I asked her what she wants to do with her major, she said that she hasn’t decided specifically what she wants to do in the future, but she does not want to go to medical school and is probably going to grad school.

She is from Villa Park and lives with her family because you know, why would you dorm and eat bad food if you have a house and good food close to school?

So what else, oh we talked about Asian people! She asked me if I can tell the difference between Asian people by only their face, like Japanese, Chinese or Korean. And she also told me that she knew I was Japanese before knowing my name. This was pretty interesting because since I came to Long Beach, no one told me that I look Japanese, they always think that I’m Korean.

We talked for a while in the courtyard after looking through the galleries about hair and  clothes and Valentines day💘, which was really fun! And I also found out that she was one of the people whose index cards were showed in class!!!!

You can check her blog here.



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