This piece was really cool!
This piece was really cool!

The artist was not in the gallery for this week but I chose this gallery because I was really fascinated with this piece. It was completely structured with complexity in a frame and was projected on the white wall of the gallery. I don’t know what the shapes stand for, but it was nice. For me, sometimes art is difficult. Of course, large paintings are art. But when theres something that you have in your own room hanging in the wall of the gallery, the piece is called art as well. This gallery made me think about the concept of art. Most of the pieces in the gallery were “untitled”. Even the piece with pills and shirts or some other fabric compressed in a bag didn’t have a title. (Sorry I don’t have a photo) Artworks with no title confuse me a lot. What did the artist want to do or say this piece? Don’t they want to tell something? But on the other hand, naming it “untitled” keeps the artwork from being defined by the title. If the people looking at the piece knew the title, no one would imagine the story or the process of the piece.

well I failed to capture when she was jumping...
well I failed to capture when she was jumping…

Who would have thought that a girl jumping and running out of breath would be ART? Well anyways, this gallery was fun and made think of art.


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