This week I had a opportunity to post on my favorite social media, Instagram for homework. I spend a lot of time browsing through Instagram, scrolling my timeline and also searching hashtags or jumping to my friend’s friend’s page.

When I heard about this Instagram project, I got really excited. But at the same time, posting 4 pictures of my ordinary day was difficult for me because I am the type of Instagrammer that only posts things on a special occasion. (like concerts, going to the beach or eating out) So, it was pretty hard to post 4 pictures because usually nothing special happens on a school day. I wake up at 9:30 AM for the ART110 class and get coffee before class, and then go back home. But once class started and I tried to take pictures that captures my day, I managed to take 4 pictures in my style.

So these are the four pictures that I took...
So these are the four pictures that I took…

Also, I picked up some instagram photos that I thought were really cool. 



First, this post by @roxanaxg_ made me start craving sweet stuff and miss baking at home with my mom. Also, I thought that it is interesting that she chose to use the blue/ cold taste in the photo. Usually, baked food photos are taken by a warm/ orange color. By using this cold color, she made the photo much more dramatic. This was a great example for a student who is studying photography like me!






These latter two photos just inspired me so much. The one with the flower in it is nothing but perfect. The angle, lighting, focus, and the aura of the photo is just perfect altogether. The one with feet in it is really inspiring as well. Who thought about flipping the photo upside down or just taking a picture of feet? (I assume that the feet are the feet of the students watching art at the gallery)

After doing this Instagram project, I noticed that even though a lot of students posted the same thing, like the green on campus, coffee or selfies, there are various ways to express it in photos. There are not even one picture that had the same angle, scene, focus or the warmth of the photo. This made me think that ART can never be one answer against one question. There are so many ways to express the same message. This was really interesting and new to me. Overall, this project was really fun!


IMG_5357 2


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