This is Kasi! :)
This is Kasi! 🙂

Hi, everyone! So this week, I had a chance to meet Kasi Gibo, who is a senior at Cal State Long Beach. I enjoyed talking to her because she was a sweet and cool and also because I found out that she is Japanese!


Her mom is half-Japanese and half-Okinawan (Okinawa is a island that is a part of Japan, like Hawaii to America) and her dad is quarter Japanese, so that makes her mostly Okinawan but she mostly says that she is Japanese to people who she assumes that they don’t know Okinawa. Most of her relatives live in Hawaii so she goes to Hawaii frequently! (I’m so jealous!)

Even though Kasi is Japanese, she has never been to Japan or Okinawa but she really wants to go after she graduates in the spring. She is planning of going to a Japanese school after she graduates Cal State Long Beach because she thinks that she should know Japanese before she goes to Japan. (She wants to go to Tokyo, where I live!)

She also told me that her and her boyfriend goes to try new Japanese places around Long Beach on the weekends! Kai and I was talking about how American people americanize sushi, like California rolls.

I really enjoyed talking to Kasi and she also made me miss Japan….!

Check Kasi out from here!


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