This is my favorite piece of the week!
This is my favorite piece of the week!

This week I just wanted to introduce this wonderful artist, TIDAWHITNEY LEK.

“For me, it’s all about color”

This was the phrase that interested me the most. Her work was covered with all these various colors, there was literally like an inch of paint on the canvas. She told us that her goal in painting is to make the people who see it feel that it’s a landscape (for example) even is it’s abstract. People can tell what the painting depicts from their life experience. We know what the color means.

She puts emphasis in design composition so that she can focus on what she wants to emphasize in the painting. Tidawhitney told us that painting gets better with complexity. She puts all the layers on top of each other because life is complex. She studied in the color theory class about what color makes people feel like, what the color means.

She also told us that her experience that she went to New York changed her artwork dramatically. By knowing what is happening in the other side of the United States made her painting expand in many directions.

It was also interesting to hear that there are some nights that she doesn’t even sleep and just continue painting. She thinks that if she goes to sleep she could never paint the exact same thing that she had in her mind the day before. I could use this in my design ideas!

I had a really good time listening to her talk, and this changed my thought about colors. Before I heard about the color theory, for me, color was only about appearance. Color was only for how it looks, if it looks good or bad, that was the only thing that I cared about. I didn’t think about what the people who saw my art would feel from the color. I had a really good experience today.

Pretty colors!
Pretty colors!



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