So this is Valerie!
So this is Valerie!

I met Valerie (right) and me (left in the picture below)! We were looking at the same exhibition and I asked her for an interview.

Valerie is a freshmen and she majored in art last semester. She told me that she enjoys doing art, like painting and pastels but she wants to be a vet or go to med school in the future. Since art and bio are two different things, it is hard to do both majors, so she is trying to switch to a Bio major, by taking math classes and chemistry from this semester! She showed me a picture of a painting she drew and it was awesome!

She was born and raised in Long Beach and she lives with her parents and two little brothers, who are 16 and 12. (I’m jealous because I wanted a little brother)

She is a very very cool sportswomen! She is currently on the Cal State Long Beach RUGBY team. I didn’t know anything about rugby but she told me that the play season for rugby is right now! (January to April) She also told me that she used to be on the swimming team for six years, two years of middle school and four years of high school.

It was a pleasure getting to know Valerie!

You can check her out here 🙂


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