Maccabee told us that this piece is his favorite.
Maccabee told us that this piece is his favorite.


I’d like to start off by saying that Shelley’s artwork was AWESOME.

His artwork is made of glass. All of the pieces were made from various colors of glass, green, clear, blue and green. He uses heat to melt the glass and forms the mold to go with the glass. His work is made of recycled glass, which he collects mostly on campus. If he bought all the glass it would be really expensive. (But he buys glass sometimes, if he really want that specific color.


He thinks he should reuse glass from some of his old art, but has never done it because he has an opinion that whichever piece he takes it has a story so if he uses that, the whole story would not be the same. I was really inspired by what he said. Also, it was interesting when he described his glass art as “some kind of foreign language”. Shelley told us that he has never met someone that does the same kind of art like his, and that he would be all over them if he met someone like that.


What he told us reminded me of “contemporary art” in specific. Contemporary art is not something that you can describe in one word. The is no rule or object that specifies contemporary art. Anything can become art, something that would be called garbage or trash from other people. It is the thought if the artist that matters, not the object itself.


Maccabee Shelley was a wonderful and inspiring people to listen talking! You can check him out HERE!

This is my favorite piece.
This is my favorite piece.

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